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Making a positive progressive impact on the Cannabis Industry

TRG’s educational engagement consists of a multi-year Internship program with students from Louisiana State University. Interns complete a 2-4 week study and learn from industry leaders that include Virtue, Wallflower, Euphoria Wellness, Rove, Pharma Xtracts, Trust, Complete, NVCANN, and others.

TRG’s Collaborative Research includes studying Cannabinoids and formulations in cellular models for addiction, inflammation, pain, and other endpoints. Data gathered including experiments are being analyzed by Louisiana State University Health Sciences Shreveport for safety and efficacy.


Our team of leading experts is dedicated to employing rigorous scientific methodologies, ensuring that our content draws from credible research and reputable sources. We believe that accurate information is the key to empowering individuals and promoting responsible cannabis use.

Bradie James

Bradie James of Fairview, Texas, earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology from LSU’s College of Arts & Sciences, now known as the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, in 2003. He established himself as a business leader both independently and when leading a team, developing skills as a National Scholar athlete and All-American linebacker at LSU, then as team captain for the Dallas Cowboys. He is a retired linebacker in the National Football League, through which he played for the Cowboys and the Houston Texans. Following a 10-year professional football career, James applied his leadership skills to the business world and helped establish The Trust, an NFL Players Association program that assists former players with the transition out of professional football. Additional business activities include being a multi-unit, multi-brand restaurant owner and serving on several boards.

James is founder of Bradie James Foundation 56 (created in memory of his mother), which supports education, mammogram screenings, diagnostic testing and social therapy programs for breast cancer patients and survivors. At LSU, he was the second player ever to register more than 400 career tackles, was Defensive MVP of the 2000 Peach Bowl, and was the first LSU linebacker since 1972 to achieve All-SEC honors two years in a row. James was the first player to lead the Cowboys in tackles for more than three straight seasons; he led in this area for six consecutive years, the longest streak in franchise history. James was the 2010 Recipient of the POTUS National Service Award, was LSU Alumni Association’s 2012 Young Alumnus of the Year, is a member of LSU’s Foundation Board of Directors and National Letterman Club (LCLUB) and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and is a 2019 inductee of the LSU Athletics Hall of Fame.

Amber Puckett DuPree, Esq.

A mother, entrepreneur, biologist, and lawyer, Amber Puckett DuPree, Esq., is the scientist behind the testing, and retesting, of Nevada’s infamous flower that has seemingly taken over the Western hemisphere of the United States. With a desire to break barriers for women in science, STEM education, and alter the narrative for BIPOC ownership and professionalism in the cannabis industry, Puckett and her team has created an environment of inclusively and diversity through her entrepreneurial venture – NV Cann Lab.

Puckett’s educational background can be traced back to earning her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Sociology, in 2010, from Indiana University (IU), in Bloomington, Indiana. She later earned her Juris Doctorate in 2014 at Loyola University’s School of Law in Chicago, Illinois. Puckett remained an active student throughout her academic journey through internships at the IU Cancer center, becoming an executive member of multiple organizations – Black Law Student Association, Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students, and Intellectual Property Society – along with becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, in which she still presently remains a member.

Previously serving as general counsel and vice president of intellectual property at Fuelina Technologies, along with remaining an adjunct professor at Harold Washington College’s business department, Puckett now serves as a member and owner of NV Cann Labs (“NV Cann”), LLC., a premier licensed, independent cannabis testing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Offering analytical testing services to other licensed cannabis companies, and individual customers, NV Cann’s success and peak performance can be credited to their highly regulated practices – all practiced in accordance with Nevada’s state regulations – ISO certification, international laboratory accreditation, diversified team, and intent focus on customer service. Bringing a level of professionalism to Las Vegas in 2015, when the cannabis scene emulated a free-for-all, Puckett and her team were able to structure a leading, science-based company that contributed to the industry in a technical and educational way. Hosting seminars for clients and business partners alike, NV Cann not only aims to uphold compliant testing practices and services, but also opens their doors to students and members of the community willing and ready to become knowledgeable about cannabis science and its industry. Through education and the intent to lower the learning curve on cannabis science, Puckett, and NV Cann’s lab leads the charge to destigmatize the mysterious plant through focused research and development.

With skills in sales, business planning, and maintaining good standing with the Illinois State Bar since 2014, as an entrepreneurial attorney, Puckett maintains a standard that is unmatched to her competitors, willing the NV Cann Lab, and her partners, to consistent success throughout the years.

Outside of her entrepreneurial endeavors, Puckett’s interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities include spending time with her family and friends, running, traveling, reading, listening to live music, and indulging in food through new restaurants and cooking.

George E. Robinson III, D.V.M., M.S.P.H.

George E. Robinson III, D.V.M., M.S.P.H., of Chicago, Illinois, is an alumnus of LSU, graduating in 1981, where he earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He also holds degrees from the Howard University of Medicine and Southern University.

Dr. Robinson is the founder and former CEO of Heartland Veterinary Partners, a Chicago-based veterinary support organization with the mission “to improve the lives of veterinarians.” He has over 30 years of veterinary industry experience, holding numerous clinical, operational, and senior management roles throughout his career. Before joining Heartland Veterinary Partners, Dr. Robinson held senior management and operational roles at National Veterinary Associates and Banfield Pet Hospital. Before that, he owned and operated successful veterinary hospitals in Louisiana. While practicing in New Orleans, he served on numerous blue-ribbon panels and civic and governmental boards, including as chairman of the New Orleans City Planning and Zoning Commission.

Dr. Robinson previously served as vice president of the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine and is a class agent for the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (LSU SVM). He also served as the chairman of the Practice Advisory Panel of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), which notably wrote the AVMA Report on Telemedicine. He was named the LSU SVM Distinguished Alumnus for 2018 and gave the school’s commencement address in May of that year. He created the endowed Dr. George E. Robinson III, D.V.M., M.S.P.H., Superior Graduate Scholarship, which promotes diversity and enhances the LSU SVM experience for all students.

Outside of his work in the veterinary industry, Dr. Robinson enjoys teaching; lecturing business management, veterinary practice, and life anecdotes; knowledge sharing; contributing to the broader profession; and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, a national Greek fraternity. 

With skills and expertise in high levels of philanthropy, higher education, business management, and government, Dr. Robinson serves as one of four members of Tiger Research Group’s Advisory Board

Shamsideen Musa, M.D., M.S.

As a board-certified anesthesiologist and interventional pain physician, Dr. Musa’s private practice – Algone Anchorage Interventional Pain Clinic located in Anchorage, Alaska – provides services that focus on restoring mobility, reducing discomfort, and alleviating chronic pain to both male and female patients of all ages.

Dr. Musa’s educational background began with earning his Bachelor of Science in molecular biology at the University of Illinois, continuing his education at the University of Chicago’s Medical Scientist Training Program where he completed research at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, and finally completed his medical degree at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine. Post-graduation in 2013, Dr. Musa completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and later completed his fellowship in pain medicine at UT’s Health Center located in San Antonio, in 2017.

Dr. Musa’s practice focuses heavily on improving the welfare of patients who are currently coping with long-term health problems that induce chronic pain, utilizing advanced approaches in pain management. His goal is to rid patients of their chronic pain, leading them to live fulfilling, rewarding lives.

Outside of his practice, Dr. Musa enjoys traveling and cooking with his wife, and indulging in the beauty Alaska has to offer in its ravishing environment.

John S. Butler

John S. Butler, of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a decorated veteran, as he served in Vietnam in the 1960s. Completing his first chapter of post-secondary education in 1969, with a B.A. degree, Butler is an alumnus of Louisiana State University. Continuing his education at Northwestern University as a Fellow of Social Change, Butler received his Ph.D.in sociology in 1974. After receiving his degrees, he went on to teach M.B.A. programs overseas in both Japan and Mexico. Butler later was the founding editor of the National Journal of Sociology, which he continued to edit for 15 years. He eventually was sought after by the University of California at Berkely, where he was a part of a think tank on Testing and American Organizations.

As the author of several books – Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans and Inequality in the Military: The Black Experience – along with being published in numerous journal articles, Butler received several accolades and was selected for multiple distinguishable positions. He was selected for the election committee advisory board for the Texas governor George W. Bush in 2000, became the J. Marion West Chair for Constructive Capitalism of the Department of Management in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in 1999, and became the Director of the IC2 institute; an organization dedicated to the creation of new ventures throughout the world. Butler too served on the board of directors for Morehouse Research Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Langston University National Institute for the Study of Minority Enterprise. In 2006, Butler was appointed by President Bush to the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board; he was reappointed in 2007.

With research appearing in professional journals, magazines, and books, he is a research expert in the worlds of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, the impact of technological innovation on growth and prosperity, black leadership and racial integration, minority entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior.

Outside of research, Dr. John S. Butler has served as a consultant for a plethora of firms and the U.S. military. Currently, Butler serves as a management consultant for State Farm Insurance Companies, and lectures on general management issues of the corporate world. He too occupies the Distinguished Visiting Professor position at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan, recently being named as the Libra Professorship at the University of Southern Maine. Dr. Butler has appeared on over 30 radio and television programs including Eye On America (CBS Nightly News), The Osgood Report, and The Jim Leher News Hour to name a few.